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They are so artsy that what they predict as a trend, only the uber wealthy or somewhat eccentric would even consider putting in their homes. And we are going to look at common sense trends in home decor for 2017! With all the demands of technology, people are wanting to have a place to unplug, unwind, read a book or pull out a magazine or newspaper! Not those tacky, cheap, gold frames or colonial the brass chandeliers .

Not only to see what gorgeous items are available for my home but also… I think some “design experts” have lost their minds!

(via The Jenna Juice)You’ve probably seen the stacked logs in a fireplace trend on Pinterest. Glue slices of logs in different sizes onto a black painted board the size of your fireplace opening and voila!

(via Pepper)Are you lamenting your dated fireplace but really don’t have the funds or time to replace your screen?

Click on this picture to purchase from our Strip Tiles store! I have loved it for a long time, so you can imagine my excitement when it started popping up in home decor photos all over the internet in the last year. Complete Kitchen Makeover, featuring the Antique Mirror Subway Tiles! This was a bit more complicated, it’s going to need it’s own blog post. I have endless mirror to practice on, why not right? Not only did I make a huge mess, I failed, and I’m here to save you from wasting your time and mirror.

I pinned on pinterest, I saved to my ideabook on Houzz, I searched high and low for suppliers. I eventually gave in, and ordered a few sheets to have in stock and ready to go for that first client.

Same idea goes for this picket fence fireplace screen.

Thankfully, there are lots of fireplace screen options that you can make yourself and no one would even suspect it was a DIY.Let’s add one more to the list and create a lovely fireplace screen with a large gilded frame. (via Edith and Evelyn)You gotta love an old window in all it’s chippy paint glory.Turn that old sash into your fireplace’s best wear by sprucing up the chipping paint and adding some mirrored spray paint in the glass to help hide the dark fireplace hole.By screwing some hardware into the bottom edges, you can have it stand in front of your fireplace and continue making it’s beautiful statement all summer long.(via Hometalk)When you want to keep something out or something in, you put up a fence around it.

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