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We moved the following week, wanting to leave Guadalajara and the crime of the small town.

They recognized that the caste system in the US is based on where you go to school so they sent my sister and I to the best high schools and then the best colleges. They get free doctor and dentist visits while I haven’t been to the doctor since I was 8 years old. I am 17 years old now and I want to travel the world but sadly I can’t.

I thank American for the opportunities that it has given me and will be forever grateful.

I was born in Iran, and at the age of 10, my family and I absconded from the multi-systemic injustices and immigrated to the US in hopes of extended opportunities and freedom.

After graduation from college and medical school, I was privileged to take care of cancer patients. Albany, New York I came to the United States as a child.

I was privileged to work alongside many dedicated colleagues at the FDA and National Cancer Institute as a commissioned officer in the US Public Health Service. My grandparents were refugees at the time of partition in India from, what is now, Pakistan to present India. Living the American dream shouldn’t consist of being scared every second of the day. My dad is a resident alien but could never fix my situation.

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I was about 3-years-old when the Iran-Iraq war started.

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