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Officially the domain of the small Australian Territory Christmas Island, it is being marketed widely as the 'official' domain name for Christmas related websites.

Christmas shops, Christmas events, Christmas fun are just some of the subjects that domain name websites have been used for.

All applicants meeting the following qualifications may register a .

PRO domain name:- Provides professional services- Admitted to or licensed by a government certification body- In good standing with the licensing authority There will soon be a big surge in the South African economy (following a certain sporting event).

And everything can be updated instantly, so people can always access your latest details.

An individual, organisation or company must ensure that any site using a domain name: Is built using compliant mobile code Responds to requests from mobile devices at it's primary URLDoes not use frames This is the domain extension for Austria. However, they are usually purchased by Austrian companies and individuals, or by businesses which trade in Austria or are considering it.

For instance, if your name, company name or the term you want to register ends in .me, you can use the extension as part of the word.

So instead of registering you could simply register

Ruhr is a great choice for teachers, schools, universities, training institutions, recruiters and anyone else who enjoys sharing knowledge and educational content online.

In addition, it's unrestricted which means that anyone can register and use .academy is a must-have for everything from learning centers, research organisation to communities where people gather to learn how to be better at doing virtually anything from dancing, gardening to online marketing, web design and more.

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