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Martha Manor...(uncredited; townswoman with blonde hair). Trivia: Beautiful Marj Dusay, a former rodeo queen of Kansas makes her first appearance on the series as Stephanie Regan.

Location Scenes Filmed at: Bronson Canyon, Southern California and September 1967 stock footage of Spooner Lake and June 1961 stock footage of Hoss riding Chubby through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. After Ben and Candy have been missing for over a month, everyone assumes they must be dead. Hal Burton...( uncredited; buckboard double for Michael Landon ),... Stunt Horseback Stunt Trivia: Hal Burton doubles Little Joe (Michael Landon) and Eddie (Jan-Michael Vincent), on horseback in the corral scenes filmed at Franklin Lake.

Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene),... Trivia: In the fight scene in the saloon, after Candy discovers the wheel is rigged, Bob Miles doubles for David Canary, in most of the shots, long ones and rear close-ups, with the saloon employee and then with Sheriff Booker, played by Robert J. When they arrive, Joe sees his friend, Steve Regan, an Angelus miner. Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles three actors in this episode. Trivia: The late and great Steve Ihnat plays Josh Carter in this fine episode. We worked out a lot of the action ourselves, rolling here and there in the dirt, and hitting each other. Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California. Hoss is the only one who believes that simple-minded Johnny Mule when he swears he had nothing to do with killing a local rancher. It's heard in the teaser that opens up this episode at Mrs. Location Scenes Filmed at: September 1967 stock footage of the Cartwrights and Candy at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California. Candy falls in love with a woman being blackmailed by a Marshal from another town. While there, Candy meets an old friend, Lilah Holden, working in a saloon. Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California with June 1961 stock footage of Hoss riding at Solitude Canyon and September 1967 stock footage at Glenbrook Valley, Lake Tahoe, of Mr. Stunt Trivia: In the three fights with White Wolf (actor Ned Romero), Bill Clark doubles him in the over-the-shoulder and long shots. Lynda Day, making her only appearance, later married to actor Christopher George, and became Lynda Day George, seen in the 60's, "Mission: Impossible", and in many TV series, still active today. Mc Nabb, later seen in thirteen's, "The Prisoners", and Anne Helm makes her second and last appearance, this time as the schoolteacher, Ms. She was first seen in seven's, "The Meredith Smith". The original working title was "A Slight Case Of Matrimony". "Victor was as gentle as he could be under the circumstances, especially since I didn't have a stunt double. Stock footage from Paramount's film library is also used for the establishing shots of the trail town in act one of this episode. Music Trivia: The theme cue that was initially heard inside the casino in "Marie, My Love" was tracked and edited into this film score. Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California. The Ponderosa ranch hands are at Riverbend during a cattle drive. Dan Blocker does most of the fight himself and Bob Miles doubled Ihnat in bit parts in the fight that showcases the physical strength of Hoss and Josh. Native Indian actor Ned Romero makes his only appearance as White Wolf, along with Cherie Latimer as Bright Moon, with John Lodge as the Deputy, and Arthur Peterson as the Judge. Mantee, a fine actor, who was overlooked in the business. Trivia: Morgan Woodward makes another appearance, this time as, Mr. Script Trivia: First episode filmed for the ninth season in March 1967, however it was not broadcast until July 7, 1968 because of working Candy (David Canary), into the show. Wilke's fine acting seen in earlier episodes, such as two's, "The Trail Gang", and in six's, "The Flannel-Mouth Gun". He plays Kabe in this episode, and makes his second appearance as Bradley Meredith's accomplice Jordan, later in thirteen's "One Ace Too Many". Greg Mullavey makes his first of two appearances on the series.

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Trivia: Dawn Wells as Moon, best remembered as "Mary Ann", on "Gilligan's Island", and she was also in four's, "The Way Station", as Marty. Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California. Joe is tricked into hiring a charming thief who plans on taking part in robbing the Ponderosa. In act four, when Ben fights Fargo Taylor (actor Leo Gordon), he is doubled by Bill Clark in a few bit parts, including where Fargo kicks Ben in the leg. The music would continue to evolve and Rose would use it mainly as a for riding shots through the final season of Bonanza. Ray Mazy...(uncredited; horseback double for David Canary). They thought highly of his acting and he was very nice to everyone on the set. He appeared in the 1974 TV-series "The Snoop Sisters" as Barney and in the crime drama "Dog and Cat" in 1977, with Kim Basinger.

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