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But now around 30 men have come forward, aged 18 to 24, to accuse him of trying to solicit them for sex and sending them photos of his genitals.Ohio lawmaker Wes Goodman (pictured with his wife Bethany), who was an outspoken LGBT opponent, had been sending male college students lewd messaged and naked photos before he was forced to step down over claims he had sexual relations with a man in his office Goodman would often reach out to the college students on Facebook messenger under the guise of mentoring them, the Independent Journal Review reports.

Like to say hi and encourage other folks in the fight to keep going and stay strong.'He later messaged the teen 'happy birthday' when he turned 18, telling him it was 'the big one'.

The website interviewed three people who say they knew Goodman during the time he worked in the capital.

Before being elected to the Ohio state legislature to represent Cardington, Goodman worked in Washington as an aide to Rep.

In one of the Facebook messages, he wrote: 'I have a couple of bi frat brothers so thankfully getting (oral sex) isn't that hard lol.' The Facebook shots show a photo of Goodman and his wife as the profile picture.

The 33-year-old conservative Christian denied the messages were his and claimed that 'fake screenshots were being circulated,' Miller said.

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